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As an important industrial product, the reducer plays an irreplaceable role in modern industry. It is the link connecting the mechanical energy and the electric motor, reducing the input speed and increasing the output torque. However, choosing a suitable reducer and its peripheral products is not an easy task. You need to consider a series of issues such as price, quality, service, maintenance, accessories, etc., we can help you

Because our reducer products have strong horsepower, stable performance and perfect design, which can adapt to various specific application needs and customized requirements. We provide quality assurance and excellent after-sales service, reducing maintenance costs and downtime. By choosing our reducer, you can get the best solution in terms of work efficiency and quality

China high quality reducer factory

Our factory is a leading reducer manufacturer with many patented technologies and rich production experience. We are committed to creating high-quality, high-precision, high-efficiency reducer products for our customers. In addition, we also pay attention to environmental protection and sustainable development to ensure that our products and production processes are very environmentally friendly and sustainable. Our customer testimonials and repair records are consistently industry-leading. It is our pleasure to provide you with high quality and competitive low price products and excellent service.


Peristaltic gear reducers are highly efficient mechanical devices that can be used in various fields such as elevators, conveyor belts, medical equipment, etc. to control the speed of loads. Compared with other types of reducers, it is more compact and has higher conversion efficiency. Although not as efficient as helical gear reducers in high torque applications, they are a more economical and reliable choice for lower power machines. In addition, the peristaltic gear reducer also has the advantages of high precision, low noise, and convenient maintenance. They are widely used in all kinds of machinery and equipment such as mines and construction equipment. With the trend of sustainable development, they are increasingly used as the choice of environmental protection solutions.



Electric motors are widely used in different fields and are divided into AC and DC, brushed and brushless, and split-phase operation. They are used as general equipment to provide mechanical power for industrial production. Large electric motors are used primarily in propulsion vessels, compression pipelines and pumped hydro storage, with power ratings of up to 100 megawatts or more. Motors are also used in industrial fans, water pumps, machine tools, electric tools and other fields, and are also used by some small electronic devices


Optimized from an SEO standpoint, the revised text reads as follows: “PTO driveshaft (Power Take-Off) is a mechanical component used in agricultural machinery to transfer power from the engine to equipment such as mowers, plows, blowers, and seeders. Typically located between the engine and the equipment, PTO driveshafts come in both single and dual shaft configurations. With PTO driveshafts, engines can reliably power agricultural tools and machinery, making them essential for efficient farming operations.

Experts in the manufacture of various mechanical and worm reducers:


Parallel shaft helical gear reducer, planetary gearbox, worm reducer, in-line helical gear reducer agricultural reducer, spiral bevel gear reducer, helical worm gear reducer, agricultural gearbox, tractor gearbox, automotive gearbox, pto drive Shafts, special reducers and related gear components and other related products, sprockets, hydraulic systems, vacuum pumps, fluid couplings, racks, chains, timing pulleys, overdrive transmissions, V-belt pulleys, hydraulic cylinders, gear pumps, screws Air compressor, collar, low backlash worm reducer, etc.


In addition, we can produce customized transmissions,worm reducers
 geared motors, electric motors and other hydraulic products according to customers’ drawings.

Worm Gear Reducers FAQs

  1. Q: What is the worm gear reducer used for? A: A worm gear reducer is used to determine the rotational speed and transmit higher torque.

  2. Q: How does a worm gear work? A: An electric motor or engine applies rotational power via the worm, which rotates against the wheel and transfers the power to push the load.

  3. Q: How do you find the gear ratio of a worm gear? A: The gear ratio can be found by dividing the number of teeth of the worm gear by the number of threads of the worm.

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